Universe Love Romantic Tour BIGBANG Hand in Hand Guo Biting

2019-05-13 10:57:39
Directed by Chen Sixing and directed by Du Kefeng, an internationally renowned master, as creative director and photographer, BIGBANG Victory, Guo Biting, Baibing, Li Xiaoman Zoe, Zhang Liang, Li Xianzai, Wang Zixuan and other French positive energy romantic movies, "Romantic Travel with Love in the Universe" today exposed the anticipation of the World Love Edition trailer. The announcement opens with the subtitle of "Do you have a style of love". With the warm atmosphere of international advanced music rhythm, Victory and Guo Biting cross the crowd, wiping out infinite sparks, interpreting the theme of "expecting to give love" and "looking for a healing world of love" with exquisite emotional techniques, showing the audience a pure and warm journey of love.

"Universal Love and Romantic Travel" Expects the Preview of World Love Edition to Expose Victory Guo Biting Crossing the Tide of Man and Hand in Hand
In the latest announcement, subtitles representing positive energy and great love flashed in turn, interlacing with French fashionable and full-fledged film plot pictures. Victory and Guo Biting meet romantically in the vast crowd and heal each other. Young men and women of all kinds deduce a positive energy love journey with hope, pursuit and expectation in a world full of exotic customs and prosperous metropolitan feeling. After spreading sugar, they walk deeply, attract people and give the audience endless reverie.
The film tells the story of love and friendship between men and women from several different places. Everyone heals each other in the courage to find and give love. Victory of the first Chinese film, this time playing a warm-hearted man with deep affection and dedication, and Guo Biting, who plays the proud goddess, staged a healing journey to find the true self and true love. Speaking of this cooperation, Victory admitted that it was a very unforgettable experience.
High-Faced Asian Famous Goddess and Goddess Create Strong Joints and Achieve Victory: Romance is the Perfect Rhythm of Me and You
The film combines fashion and mind-walking French art perfectly, wins with aesthetic pictures, romantic plot and profound experience, and tries to innovate and open up new types of domestic market films. The film is also a collection of BIGBANG victory, Guo Biting, Baibing, Li Xiaoman and other high-profile, high-popularity goddess super golden lineup, to add endless surprises for the full-blown movie.
As a producer, director and screenwriter of the film, Chen Sixing expressed her life experience absorbed in France during the past ten years without fail in her works. She said: "The script of this film has been loved by actors and teachers Du before filming, and the script is rhythmically styled with French fashion films, and its structure is one-stop", and she said frankly, "France is liked as France." The most romantic country in the world, I know from the French culture that the original most true and aesthetic love comes from the simplest original intention. The best movie is to make the audience enjoy, happy and profound.
It is reported that the film "Universal Love and Romantic Travel" will be released nationwide on March 2.