"Love and Romance in the Universe" Victory Guo Biting Sweet

2019-05-13 10:58:47
Directed by Chen Sixing and directed by Du Kefeng, a famous international artist, Biting Guo, Bai Bing, Zoe, Zhang Liang, Li Xianzai and Wang Zixuan, the French positive romantic energy film "Romantic Travel with Love in the Universe" was officially released today. With French romance, mutual love and positive energy as the theme, the film tells the story of love and friendship between men and women from several different places. Everyone finds the true meaning of love in the courage to find love and give love to each other. And BIGBANG successfully joined Chinese movies for the first time. The whole process of Chinese lines communication was accessible. It had a touching and pure love journey with Guo Biting, the goddess of pride.

Points 1: High Face Value Lineup: BIGBANG Victory Hand in Hand Guo Biting's Candy Sprinkler
The film is a collection of BIGBANG victories, Guo Biting, Baibing, the sexy new goddess Li Xiaoman Zoe, Zhang Liang, Li Xianzai, Wang Zixuan and other high-value and powerful popular actors, eye-catching and very visible. This time BIGBANG successfully joined us, playing a warm and affectionate boy in the whole process of Chinese lines deduction, and started a warm and heartfelt encounter and understanding journey with Guo Biting's proud but kind-hearted Tianna. In the film, Victory and Guo Biting hold hands, hug, sweetly abuse dogs, and scatter sugar constantly. The first time I participated in Chinese movies, Victory laughed and said, "I want to challenge myself and shoot different kinds of movies." Speaking of the first cooperation with Guo Biting, Victory said: "This is a very special experience."
Point 2: Top Foreign Quality Teams: Numerous Famous Teachers Winning International Grand Prizes Du Kefeng Dreams
In terms of role modeling and scenery, the film gathered a well-known French advertising behind-the-scenes production team, invited famous French image designer Cyril Lanoir and French art designer M. BARBERA Alexis to build, and invited Royal Wang Jiawei to use photographer Du Kefeng as the creative and shooting guidance, behind the scenes, a strong production line of high quality and public praise, look forward to bursting the shed in an instant. The film team has gone to Saipan Island, the Caribbean Sea, Europe, Beijing, Hong Kong and other places to shoot scenes, with exquisite and beautiful pictures to deduce the super-fashionable French romance and the positive energy of great love. Speaking about the way to shoot "Love and Romance in the Universe" this time, Du Kefeng said: "This film uses a new photographic technique. Life is a movie. I like projecting light sources, so this movie is my dream-making process.
Point 3: Higher Point Theme: New and Innovative Interpretation of French Fashion Romantic Tour of Great Love
It is worth mentioning that the film takes French romance, mutual love and positive energy as its theme, wins with aesthetic pictures, romantic plots and profound perception and experience, and tries to innovate and open up a unique brand-new type of films in the domestic market. As the director, writer and producer of the film, Chen Sixing confessed when sharing the original intention of making the film: "I hope this film can promote a little more positive energy of mutual love in society. I hope that through the film we can convey the idea of"universal love, travel together hand in hand", and hope that we will not lose the courage to find true love and heal each other in love and being loved." "Romantic Travel with Love in the Universe" is bound to present the audience with the most "delicate, delicate, romantic" super-fashion trend, showing the audience a warm and aesthetic journey of pure love.
It is reported that the film "Universal Love and Romantic Travel" produced by Goodwill Cultural Group Co., Ltd. is being screened.