The theme song FADED of "Love and Romantic Travel in the Universe"

2019-05-13 11:01:46
Directed by Chen Sixing and directed by Du Kefeng, a renowned international artist, as creative director and photographer, BIGBANG Victory, Guo Biting, Baibing, the new sexy goddess Li Xiaoman Zoe, Zhang Liang, Li Xianzai, Wang Zixuan and other French romantic positive energy film "The Universe Love Romantic Travel" independent theme song "FADED" MV has aroused heated debate since its premiere, and the popularity has risen sharply. This song, sung by BIGBANG, is the theme song of the Chinese version of Alan Walker's FADED, which is popular all over the world. It carries out the positive energy of great love to the end. In MV, Shengli's empty and warm voice is accompanied by a sweet eye-catching picture, which ignites fans.
The Chinese version of BIGBANG's triumphant and romantic deduction of the divine opera FADED fears no challenge and returns to interpret the positive energy paradigm as an actor.
In the exposed theme song "FADED" MV, along with the vocal song of victory, Victory and Guo Biting launched a super sweet "sugar dregs" love affair. In addition to holding hands and hugging the dog abuse fragments, they also had a little awkward, played the cold war, people can not help but wonder about the origin and development of this sadistic episode. The MV then exposed the beautiful scenery of the film in the world. As the plot progresses, the pictures travel through Saipan Island, the Caribbean Sea, Europe, Beijing, Macao and Hong Kong, so that netizens enjoy a fascinating visual and auditory feast.